Kamibun International Sports Festival 2011

Diary 2011.10.13



The KISF happens once a year in the yard outside the (empty) junior school in Kawamata, Kamibun.  It’s a lot of fun and everyone’s a winner baby.  You win useful prizes like washing powder, toothpaste, bento boxes, curry.  The games alternate between the sublime and the ridiculous.  A few of my favourites are balloon humping, drinking a cup of milk, hanging washing, making a straw rope and rolling a plastic bucket.
Chatting to the local postman he remembers when over 500 people from all regions of Kamibun came to watch and take part.  The events were very competitive and teams prepared for months.  The steep ground next to the yard was terraced and it was full of people sitting, watching.  This year there were maybe 60 people.  Between the laughs we felt sadness.

Here are some photos from the day:


A fantastic sponge medal!  It’s a lovely thing!


Gus san and Yu Kun take part in a 20 meter walking race.  I think they finished joint 3rd (why?!)


This was a wonderful event – making a straw rope.  The team that makes the longest rope wins!  It was beautiful to watch the oldsters moving so nimbly.  Will there still be events like this in 10 years?


One of my favourite events, and one of the easiest things I’ve ever done, drinking a glass of milk.


Below, one of our prizes.  A packet of toothpaste tied with elastic to a pair of gloves.


Hanging washing.  Making everyday chores a little more fun.  The quicker you learn about this stuff the better.


Is it snorting cocaine?  No.  It’s sherbet.



This woman did not like being blindfolded.  She screamed like a deer.


And finally, the hoop relay race.  This was honestly one of the most exciting things I’ve ever experienced live.  I think Kawamata just pipped it at the post (yey).

Here’s a short film of the day:



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  • wonderful ,what fun!

    10/13/2011 4:53 PM | oldun

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