Sofie’s Adventures: Kyoto

Diary 2008.6.20



We went to Kyoto! Sofie and her grandma and I took the three-hour bus trip and spent two days and a night in the old capital. One thing both grandma and I wanted to check out was the famous Nishiki Market street. It’s full of good photo opportunities, so I handed the camera to Sofie there and told her to give it a go.

This is what Sofie is pointing at in the above picture. The roof of Nishiki Market. It was the first thing she took a picture of after I gave her the camera. (photo: Sofie)

This was the second picture she took. After that, she took several blurry close-up shots of things like ice and the floor. I guess I'm just not advanced enough to appreciate that kind of art. (photo: Sofie)

Narazuke pickles viewed at a height of 90cm. (photo: Sofie)

This is a famous knife store called Aritsugu. Seven years ago, my dad visited me when I was a student in Kyoto and he went into this shop. Ever since, he has regretted not purchasing a knife here, so on this trip, I bought him one as a present and had the shop send it to Canada for me. (photo: Sofie)

Tawashi scrub brushes near Sanjo bridge. I'm too shy to try taking photos inside shops, but Sofie can do it as much as she wants and no one gets mad. (photo: Sofie)

I took Sofie and her grandma along to all the places I used to visit when I was a student living in Kyoto. Inoda Coffee on Sanjo, traditional shops along Teramachi-dori, and when we walked down Ponto-cho we even spotted a couple of geisha! Lucky! But after we got home and I asked Sofie “What did you do in Kyoto?” she said, “I saw Anpanman!” Well, it’s true. When we were in Kyoto Station waiting for our bus to go home, we went to the toy department and saw some Anpanman toys. Jeez. Maybe next time we should take a trip somewhere a little more kid-oriented.



Canadian living in Tokushima City. Translator, Interpreter, and Sofie's mom.

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  • I want to go to Kyoto and see Anpanman as well!

    06/20/2008 6:03 PM | Mario

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