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Diary 2008.10.7

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投稿者:Rika Aki

The Origami Project at Yoriiza is moving along at a nice comfortable pace. I’ve got a few regulars who come by now and then. It seems that it’s become a place for them to escape for a moment from their busy housework. That’s making me pretty happy.

Today some visitors came by Yoriiza after being directed here by the people at Bai-li. They folded some origami, had a chat, drank some tea… they really got comfortable.

I’ve been soldering LED bases for my installation, so folding origami has become a way for me to refresh myself as well.


And after that I went to Mutsumi’s place for dinner.

Emma popped in during her run and we folded some origami…

Emma and Mutsumi folding origami

Emma folded a rose and a frog, and then sprinted off into the dark night. (ha ha)

I realised it might be a good idea to do delivery origami as well, so I’m going to take my origami on the road and I’ll be popping up in all kinds of places.

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