Cocksec Mosquito Coils

Diary 2008.10.6

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A few more pages from my sketchbook.
The view of the mountains from the cafe in Kamiyama.
Hanging fusuma-e screens backstage at the Sakura puppet theater.
Akebi. A fruit that reminds me of a slimy worm full of seeds, slightly sweet. The pod can be an unbelievable purple like a wisteria and very velvety. 00001563.jpg
Persimmons started to appear at the Michi No Eki farmer’s market. Chestnuts are everywhere.
Today I drove to Tokushima City and ate at one of those cheap sushi places that look like diners at home with booths and the plates of food come around on conveyor belts. My favorite now is scallop sushi but scallops are not very interesting to draw so I did these little shrimps instead which I also like.
This beautiful box of mosquito coils has been sitting on my windowsill for a month now and every day I looked at it thinking: “one day I’ll draw this”. Today around 3 am I finally got to it. That’s when I noticed that it’s called COCKSEC MOSQUITO COILS. Beautiful.

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  • great images. I think you must be feeling good - you're framing in a very sophisticated way.

    10/06/2008 10:07 AM | adam

  • My name is Tatsuyuki Ohara. It creates a sculpture. Your work, especially the painting was seen and it had the interest very much. I plan to do the Exhibition in Tokyo next January. It is thought Andrea's work and collaboration. Please answer when it is interested.

    10/06/2008 6:42 PM | Tatsuyuki Ohara

  • An amazing sketch! I've never observed that mosquito coil box in detail for fifty some years of my whole life...ha,ha,ha......Shinya

    10/06/2008 7:47 PM | 大南 信也

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