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Diary 2008.11.9



Today it is the last day of the exhibition.
It is a bit cold and rainy, but at all the exhibition sites I meet other visitors.
For everybody who missed it, I have put all my Kamiyama works together on this page.

Moon dome

Moon dome

The moon dome has a Kamiyama green stone in the middle, with a full moon carved in it. If you lay down with your head in the circle, the moon dome is your private observatory of the clouds, the stars and the moon.




Being there

Kazura installation at the Hachiman shrine


The Hachiman shrine is the habitat of a male Shinto god. Once a year he meets with the female god of Oawayama shrine. Their story of the secret of life inspired me to weave liana structures referring to fertility and life energy.


Upon entering the small wooden shrine the second object in the very center catches the eye, with the golden hearts dancing in the light.



The golden hearts are the imprints of the hands of Kamiyama Higashi highschool students expressing their life energy.



As it is in heaven

Upon the slope of the Oawayama mountain this bowl of Kamiyama green stone sticks out of the red earth. The craquele furnishing symbolizes the little pieces of wisdom we gather during our lifetime.





KAIR2008 Artist

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  • Karin, thank you so much for the beautiful pictures and the information about all your works in your own words! You have done such wonderful work here in Kamiyama. I hope you have some time to rest once you get back home. Thank you for everything!!!

    11/09/2008 3:19 PM | Claire

  • Hi Karin and Pat, Have a good journey back home. It was very nice to be able to follow all the things you did in Kamiyama at this perfect website. Today we went for a walk in the "Waterloopbos" were you had your last exhibition in the Netherlands. With the beautiful autumn colours it was even more special than when the exhibition started. So when you will be back in The Netherlands there are also nice things to see and visit. see you soon, Egbert

    11/09/2008 4:53 AM | egbert hermsen

  • Dear Karin and Pat. We are very proud we saw you both made such wonderful artworks in Kamiyama, We think you gave the people of Kamiyama and all the visitors of the KAIR exhibition a beautiful impression of your artistry. Of course you had the support of the Kamiyama volunteers and sponsors as we saw on the KAIR-website. That was great!! It made us curious enough to think about visiting Kamiyama. Els and Rob

    11/09/2008 7:17 AM | Rob van der Molen

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