Art School MMA Fight




Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you know what I’ve been working on now that I’m in graduate school back in the USA and invite you to it check out.  On February 4th, I will be fighting Stephen ‘Hard Drive’ John Ellis in a battle to determine the success of the greater artist.

Postcard for the fight!

Check out our first promotional video!

Chalice ‘C*nt Guillotine’ Mitchell

and my fan page!

Stephen ‘Hard Drive’ John Ellis

and my rivals fan page!

If you can’t make it to Florida February 4th, watch it live online at…

Chalice ‘C*nt Guillotine’ Mitchell 2

Thanks for your support.  I hope I can see all of you again soon!!!

Chalice ‘C*nt Guillotine’ Mitchell


  • Mitchell by gogoplata, 1st round.

    2011年1月12日 15:42 | lou

  • We have the new website up and running now too!

    2011年1月21日 05:43 | chalice



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